The Parkview Arms is the best rooming house I have ever stayed at. I highly recommend this place. The service is great, and so are the employees. I really enjoyed staying here, and I'd come back anytime! :) - Jason

"The Parkview Arms" - by Leslie A. Smith

On Queen St. West of Bathurst
On the South West corner at Strachan,
There’s a three storey brick building,
That’s named the Parkview Arms.

Tho I’ve learned back in the past,
It was a known Hotel,
With high ceilings in many rooms,
The tales those walls could tell.

It has now become a residence,
For the ones who wish to stay,
You can rent the rooms weekly,
Or only for a day.

Some have their private showers,
Others use the ones in halls,
They are all freshly painted,
Some with pictures on the walls.

They have the hot water heating,
And a colored T.V.
Fridge, closet, bed and dresser
A place for people like me.

Although there’s no elevator,
There are stairs to climb,
That take you to your room,
Or the fire escape outside.

There’s the public microwave,
On each of the three floors,
To cook the food or just heat up,
Our produce from the stores.

The basement has the coin laundry room,
With washer and dryer there,
To take the time to do our clothes,
That everyday we wear.

There’s the maid who does the cleaning,
The nite man on the desk,
The security at night time,
So we get the proper rest.

There is a park across the street,
A street car at the door,
There’s shops and restaraunts close by,
Up and down the street there’s more.

So if you need a place to stay,
And have the proper cash,
Just watch out for the neon sign,
And find your place to crash.

There is no discrimination,
It serves races of all kinds,
Inside the walls of the Parkview Arms,
Where history grows with time.